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Saeco Odea Giro problem - Cold Espresso Shot

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  • Saeco Odea Giro problem - Cold Espresso Shot

    I was wondering if someone could help me? I have a Seaco Odea Giro Automatic Coffee Machine which i got second hand. I do all the right things, e.g turn it on and let it warm up for 20 or more minutes, make sure there is enough water in it etc etc. Everything else is good - the steamer works and is warm to the touch.
    The problem is when i turn the knob to make a shot of espresso the crema comes out cold in the warmed cup - the temperature is 100f or 40c when i stick the coffee thermometer in. It is just cold and not drinkable. But when i turn the knob to the other side to make a full cup of coffee the temperature is perfect.
    I don't know if it is a fault with the machine or is it normal. Please help!!!!! Thanks

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    Hello Nigman,
    Welcome to Coffee Snobs,
    I own two Saeco giro's (one plus),I reckon they are good machines,perhaps limited with adjustability.
    Quick machines with straight forward easy to maintain/ servicing features.
    I'm unsure what you are actually doing with your machine,you state that you turn the knob to get your coffee.
    The big knob on the front dispenser, either rotates left or right for cup volume option only whereas the button (on the big knob) is pressed for coffee press for one shot,two presses for double shot.
    The smaller knob on the top left ,forward of the bean hopper,is for selecting either hot water or steam (must be set to hot water if brewing coffee.
    Your temperature readings are correct for coffee brewing,steaming temperature is higher up to 170°f.
    First do a search for your model and check out the correct operation yourself,perhaps there may be an aid there,plenty to choose from.
    See how you go,I'd be interested if you get back to here with any further questions.