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  • cleaning gaggia classic

    I have just bought a 2nd hand gaggia classic and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what are the best cleaning products to use.The machine came with 2 sachets of cleancaf.I ran one of those through before I did anything .I removed the shower screen and shower screen holder .These are really filthy.So these need to be soaked in something and then I also need to do a backflush .Is there one product that will do both of these things.

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    I have always used a seperate backflush cleaner and descaler product.

    A back flushing cleaner (espressor machine cleaner) is effectively a soap product to mostly remove oil residue in the 3 way solinoid valve and shower screen. I use 'cafetto espresso clean' powder and it lasts. You apply a teaspoon of the power onto your blind filter on your portafilter when backflushing. I have also found it good for cleaning the water tank on my lelit machine. I am sure there are tons of other products that are just as good, but 'cafetto espresso clean' powder is fairly easy to come by in coffee stores.

    In regards to gaggia boiler descaling; be careful to ensure your descaler is "aluminium safe". Basically citric acid in many descale products will eat the aluminium, although some "aluminium safe" descalers use it in very small dosages with other acids. Most descalers for automatic machine which use aluminium boilers will work fine. I have used the blue/green liquid descaler for an automatic (parents machine) and two former gaggia work machines without issue.


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      Personally I would use 'Cafetto' brand espresso cleaner for backflushing and soaking dirty components. There are other good espresso cleaners out there but there are also some really bad ones. You can actually use caustic soda for cleaning showers but you have to be very thorough when rinsing it off.

      As for descaling a Gaggia Classic, be very careful! If you dont know the history of the machine then I would in fact avoid it completely. They are prone to major build up and chunks often end up coming loose and blocking the machine requiring boiler dissmantle. Opening up the boiler and cleaning it is often the only real way to descale these machines.