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Priming a new vibration pump

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  • Priming a new vibration pump


    I have had to replace the pump on my NS Oscar.
    The new pump works but no water is being pumped through. The pump just stays on.

    Do I need to 'prime' the pump?
    How can I get water to go through it?


    PS. This seems to be not the case. The pump is pumping water but it is circulating around the OPV loop
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    Don't you normally have to leave the steam turned on full when you first turn the machine on...Do this until the steam starts and then I thought it was primed.


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      As soon as I turn the machine on, the pump goes on and stays on. Water is pumping through now as when I press the brew button water comes out of the head and the water tank level decreases but the pump stays on.
      Its as though the water is being pumped around the OPV loop. Is this possible?

      PS. Ive changed thread title to reflect this new problem


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        What do you mean by "the pump stays on"? Does this mean the pump continues to run when it shouldn't? If there is water flowing from the pump and it isn't making an extremely loud rattling noise, then it's already primed. Most Ulka's are self priming anyway with a rare few needing to be manually primed in the event of an airlock.

        Not sure what OPV loop you're meaning, most OPV's just divert straight back to the tank, sometimes the drip tray. If the pump is running when it shouldn't then naturally you will see water flowing through the OPV because the boiler fill solenoid and group head will both be closed so the water's only path is out through the OPV.


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          YEs, I see the water flowing out through a valve on the side of the group. Onan Oscar I think it is called a Neplax Valve which is apparently different from an OPV valve. Maybe this part is worn and the the new pump has outlined how bad it was. Oh well, back to the shop for parts