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Vibiemme domobar piccolo vs Grimac Mia

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  • Vibiemme domobar piccolo vs Grimac Mia

    I'm reading a lot about the magic world of coffee, and I'm learning that there's a lot of things to learn in order to achieve good shots and to understand what's behind the scenes when you speaking about coffee.

    Considering the possibility to buy a serious espresso machine for home (I come from many pod machines experience and a lot of mokas) I have identified two models that could satisfy my needs (and my wallet ), both with the popular E61 group:
    • Grimac Mia
    • Vibiemme Domobar piccolo

    I completely read the great review that I found on, learning a lot of things that I didn't know and understanding that I will need time to reach the minimum sensibility to obtain good shots from this machine.
    I think that it would be my bargain because I can found it at almost half the price than the Domobar piccolo.
    I'm only concerned about the difficulty to obtain good shots related to the Domobar, I'm not afraid if I will have to spend time to learn how to obtain the best from the Grimac, but I'm asking to myself if these two machines are similar and comparable or if the Domobar, of which I was not able to find a lot of review (differently to the bigger sister Domobar super), is effectively in a superior class and could be worth the double price when compared to Grimac.
    My use will be mainly for singular shots, about a couple at day, and nothing more.

    Thank you