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    Hi Everyone.
    What a great forum! I am a new user and would appreciate advice. My husband wants to buy me a coffee machine for Christmas (beautiful man).
    I think he is sick of seeing my coffee pots lying around (I mainly drink Greek coffee). Today we went Harvey Norman and they were trying to sell us the Jura Impressa A5.
    The price is $1399 plus a $1000 holiday voucher and extra Harvey Norman vouchers. I loved that there seems to be minimal maintenance. Coffee tasted good. I know I don't want a pod machine but where to from here I don't know.
    Can anyone please offer this eager to learn novice some advice? I don't want to get swept way by the extras offered to find that there may be a better machine available that I could have looked into.

    Thank you all in advance.


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    Hi Trish and welcome to CS!

    A one day old post and no replies??

    Hmmmmmmm............ could it be that the machine under the spotlight has few, if any, fans on a site called Coffeesnobs? ;-D

    Watching it um... go through it's paces on youtube suggests to me that sour coffee will be on the menu anywhere this machine resides.

    If all these freebies come with the machine ( and the 'holiday voucher' is not exclusive to HM; other retailers also offer it) then the machine itself is

    overvalued. You'll come home from whatever holiday is offered, after spending a heap more money on top of the voucher in order to have the holiday, to find this imposter still

    lurking around your kitchen.

    If the 'offer' is $1400, then why not add to this half of the money you would spend on top the $1000 holiday voucher and go to a site sponsor

    and check out the amazing machine & grinder options for <2K.


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      Jura coffee machines are very expensive and in my opinion cannot produce very good coffee even by automatic machine standards. I've used bottom end Jura's (ENA 5), mid-high range (C9, Z5) and top end (Impressa X9) and they all don't seem to be able to grind anywhere near fine enough for a decent shot.

      I attribute this to the fact that they're either designed to be showpieces or sit in offices and crank out a few hundred of cups a day. This I will be honest is something they do very well. Not many other machines can match the top end Jura machines for sheer output and reliability. I have a Impressa X7 in my shop at the moment which requires brew unit maintenance and some general cleaning and it's definitely high performance.
      If they were able to grind fine and pour a nice 20-30 second shot, they would consume too much time and also add additional strain on the internal components which would cause premature failures, more service downtime and higher running costs.
      For light home use they're not a machine I recommend. Also, the reason that it appears to be low maintenance is because you can't remove the brew unit to clean manually, you have to use the inbuilt cleaning function with the cleaning tablets. This does a good job of cleaning the brew path but for lubrication of the moving parts and maintenance of the dump valve and associated components, a Jura technician will be required.

      If you're going automatic, try and find a new or lightly used DeLonghi ESAM3300 (manual steam wand) or ESAM3500 (auto milk frother via milk carafe). The grinders perform well in these machines and they can produce a nice shot, they're rugged and easy to clean and cheap to maintain and repair.

      However, send out a request to the site sponsors using the quote form at the bottom of the page outlining what you are after and there should be a better option than an automatic machine for you.