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Breville BES840 "The Infuser" Cleaning Group Head

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  • Breville BES840 "The Infuser" Cleaning Group Head


    I'm a first-time espresso machine owner and have been using my Breville BES840 "Infuser" for about 2 months now.

    I was going pretty well for the first two months, but with my last two bags of beans have yielded quite a burnt smelling and tasting espresso shot and I'm really unsure why.

    First of all, I believe I've been over-extracting the whole time thus far (ignoring the pressure gauge on the front of the machine, doh!). Though I'm still receiving a burnt flavour when I'm extracting in the acceptable espresso range. Perhaps the over-extracted shots have gradually built up some burnt grind inside the Group Head? If so, is anyone able to provide some instruction for removing the Group Head on the Breville BES840? I've taken out the screw but can't work out how to pull the metallic water filter off.

    I've already run a cleaning cycle with one of the supplied cleaning tablets, but this didn't help the situation at all (as I believe they're for descaling, not for this purpose).

    I purge my machine constantly, after every single shot is made, but I assume that grind can still build up in the group head anyway?

    Is it at all possible for my grinder to burn the coffee grind? I'm using the Breville Smart Grinder Pro.

    Could anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks a lot! Can't wait for good tasting coffee again!

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    I think it is unlikely the group head is the problem. Take a look at the beans you are using. If they are almost black they might be roasted too dark for your taste. I don't like them that way either.