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EM6910 Steam Problems

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  • EM6910 Steam Problems

    Hey guys,
    My em6910 has been having pretty weak steam for a while now, and I finally decided to try and fix it. Machine is a few years old now and I've never descaled the steam lines as per the manual (which I now realise was bad advise by Sunbeam!) I tried running descaler through the steam lines and after about 10 minutes the steam became much much worse than it was before. I steam descaler through for about 45 minutes before I stopped.

    I think it's the thermoblock that's the issue. I disconnected the pump from the thermoblock and the pump appears to pump a sufficient amount of liquid. I disconnected the thermoblock outlet and syringed liquid through. Didn't appear to have any obvious blockage. I tried to produce steam with the thermoblock outlet disconnected and there is very little steam coming out of the thermoblock outlet.

    So if it is indeed the thermoblock, can it be fixed with more and more descaler or is it too far gone and I need a new one?


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    Aushy, you need to block the lower end of the thermoblock with blutac or similar and pump de scaler in and let it sit for 24 hours. The small pipe from the top of the thermoblock will also be coated in scale and will need cleaning. A small piece of wire will also assist with dislodging the scale. Be careful when using the wire in the thermoblock, you do not want to scratch the stainless lining.