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Breville BES920 extra technical info needed

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  • Breville BES920 extra technical info needed

    Hi all here,

    I am trying to find some more technical information (they do not provide anything relevant on their website) for a Breville BES920:

    1) which material do they use for a group head (aluminium, alluminium alloy or brass)? (looks like aluminium alloy to me but I am not completely sure)

    2) what is the capacity of the brewing boiler? (It looks quite small actually but what is it exactly in ml?)

    Thank you in advance for the related information.

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    I can't give you exact info, but I can tell you that I bought a 920 a week ago and I filled it up with water in the 2.5L water tank, and when I switched it on for the first time it took approx. half of the water in the tank.

    Why do you want this info?


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      I can get the exact info for you tomorrow but i'm pretty sure the group head is aluminium and the brew boiler is around 200-250ml.


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        I found this in regards to the BES900:

        "Both N. American and Australian models have nearly identical boiler sizes and wattages: Brew boiler is 300ml 600W, PID controlled. The Steam boiler is 950ml, 1000W, and thermister controlled. The grouphead's element is 100W in N. American models, 200W in Australian models, but Breville is only "pushing" 100W through it in both models. it is also PID controlled."