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Lelit PL41TEM Espresso Machine PID

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  • Lelit PL41TEM Espresso Machine PID

    Hi Everyone

    I've had my Lelit for just on 18 months and have just been advised it has a crack in the group collar. This seems to me a pretty serious issue for a domestic machine that has been well looked after and not flogged (lucky to pull 2 shots a day). And I'm assuming its out of warranty. Repairs are upwards of $400 - half what I paid for my machine.

    Love to hear your thoughts about whether in your experience, this is unusual and what I should do. I'm reticent to spend that much on repairing a machine I had hoped to get a little more use out of. TIA.

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    I would certainly be approaching the people I bought it from and asking what they are prepared to do for you.

    I believe consumer laws offer some protection in cases of major failures occurring just out of warranty.

    Your right it is a serious issue, have never heard of a group collar failing before although I'm sure it happens.


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      Thanks Yelta - good advice.

      I realise this thread needs to be in Brewing Equipment - Mid-range, but I cannot figure out how to do it!


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        I don't imagine that it would be easy to crack group head collar. If it is a defect I would look for a bubble (porosity) in the cast that caused the crack. Otherwise I am guessing it is user error with over tighening the portafiler into the group head collar.

        Not sure what you want to do and what that quote includes for greater than $400, but the part is only about $65. I know one of the CS Sponsors Jetblack Espresso sells the part. You could replace it yourself if that is all that is wrong. You might be able to braze that part if you have the equipment, but I would just replace it.

        Best of luck.