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  • Recommendations on Coffee Machine please

    Hi All,

    I have started another thread about some issues that I am having with my sunbeam and depending on $$ to fix etc, I may be looking at a new machine. Despite the Sunbeam machine only being 2.5 years old, I don't want to have a machine that keeps breaking down. A little disappointed as it came highly recommended, lots of friends/ other coffee folk seem to use without too many issues.

    Always look after my machine and descale/ clean regularly. I purge the machine and steamer every time after a coffee. I use my machine regularly - at least once a day.

    What I am looking for - well the reason I went for the 6910 is because I loved the features. So as close to this or the newer model of the Sunbeam (is it the 7000?).

    I like being able to steam and make coffee at the same time which seems to be a unique feature in this price range. I like the commercial sized group handle and the quality that this machine (feels) like it has.

    I have the grinder (can't remember model number!) and really pleased with this too. Ideally I'm looking for something <$700 that is reliable and can do all of the features that my current machine can do without breaking down. If recommendations are back to Sunbeam (and the newer model), I would be happy to try again as overall reviews of the 6910 were good (minus the few bad eggs) when I purchased, so I may have just been unlucky. Having said that - I would also be keen to try a new brand but other than what you can purchase at your Harvey Norman/ Good Guys stores I don't know where to start or what to look for.

    Particular ones I am interested in (but can't find much detail about price and whether you can steam/pull coffee at the same time) are the Gaggia Classic or a Delonghi brand?

    Thanking you in advance