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Silvia V3 / Rocky - What to look for

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  • Silvia V3 / Rocky - What to look for

    Hi guys, first time poster.
    Been doing a bit of reading on here as I'm getting my own place shortly and looking to buy my first machine. I've come across a V3 Silvia and Rocky combo for sale that I'm hoping to inspect, but would really appreciate some layman's advice on what to look for/ask?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    As far as the Silvia goes the boiler element is really the only real pricey item to replace at between 100-200 plus labour..

    Mechanically they are easy to access all the serviceable components with plentiful parts available such as group seal, steam valve O-Rings etc, and "should" give service for decades (providing you dont boil the boiler dry!).


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      +1 on above.
      My V3 boiler failed this week after about 5 years and cost me about $290 (parts and labour, all together).
      The V4 boiler should be much cheaper to replace, modified design, perhaps you should buy a V4 instead?
      The rest is on Youtube - look at temperature surfing, dozing, tamping and you should be all set.
      Rocky is a good grinder, I prefer the dozer model, as it shakes the grounds into the basket better than the doserless Rocky (clumps, need stirring).


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        I recommend you buy quality very accurate digital scales with 0.1 gram (yes, 1/10 of a gram!) accuracy (very cheap to buy these days! Well under $100?) so you get consistent dosing results.

        Also Synesso ridge-less double basket (about $25?) and Silvia naked portafilter (~$85?) will make huge difference to your espresso.

        Commercial tamper ($50-$100?) is also mandatory item to buy.

        All this will take much of the guess work from making espresso.