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[HELP] Gasket change on Sunbeam Em6910

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  • [HELP] Gasket change on Sunbeam Em6910

    So the gasket on my Em6910 is old and crusty and is indeed in need of a change, purchased it used so may as well give it a bit of maintenance.

    So I've been trying to follow this guide (, the screw from the shower screen has been removed but I am unable to remove the shower screen (step 2).

    In the guide it shows that the shower screen has a groove where you can wedge a screwdriver in there and pop it off however mine doesn't have that structure. Is there anyone out there that has changed a gasket on this particular model before able to provided assistance.

    Much appreciated.

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    Mmmmm I just changed mine with a back flush. I remembered the first time it was quite wedged in. I ended using a strong butter knife. Very crusted.


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      You should be able to just jam a flat blade screwdriver into the side of the shower screen (without damaging it) and lever it out by using the group collar as the pivot.
      If this doesn't work, place the end of the screwdriver into the hole that the screw came out of and try levering from there. This can cause some damage so if you see the screen itself starting to bend before the whole thing moves, stop.

      If neither of these work, take a hammer and tap the screwdriver around the edges of the shower screen, this may loosen it and make it easier to remove.


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        Will it come out easier if it's warm first noidle22?


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          Most likely. I've never encountered an EM6910/6900/7000 screen that was unable to be removed when cold so I've not had first hand experience. It would make sense that when warm it would be easier to remove though, the seal can soften a bit. Good idea.


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            G'day all

            If it doesn't come out easily, I just leave the screw out and pull a slightly underdosed shot. I have succeeded with that on a "friend's machine" that was so bad that finding the screw took some penetrene... Yuk!

            As to how to let it get that bad, no idea - mine always popped out when needed. Also, I do not use internal chemical cleaners so I remove trapped gunge by removing the showerscreens fairly often on every machine I have owned / used in anger.



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              Thanks for the advice, I'll try to force it out in that case hopefully it works out for me.


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                Has anyone with the EM6910 have the "groove" at the shower screen to help dislodging it like it is shown in the pdf manual?

                Because mine definitely doesn't have it.


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                  I had the same problem, I had to put a small screw driver through the screw hole and gently lever it off using different angles. I had to use a fair bit of force.


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                    After several scrapped/bleeding knuckles and colourful language its finally done. In case your interested in what worked for me it was to use a screwdriver to break apart the old gasket with the help of pliers. Then butter knife finished off the rest.

                    So now the outer shower is removed and I am unable to remove the inner shower as shown in image 3 (

                    I really appreciate the assistance here but I need more help, I tried to remove the inner shower but it just ain't budging. Do I need to remove nut in the middle??? I tried to pry it open but it just ain't helping especially added to the fact that the inner shower is stuck that the inner shower is "warping" and a tad bent from my attempts.
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                      However I was able to remove the gasket from using pliers, just the inner shower that needs to be removed.


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                        Never mind attempted to remove the shower head screw and it snapped in half, machine no longer operational and the inner screen is a tad warped. Just not my day sigh


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                          With any machine I think the shower screen screw should only be tightened lightly otherwise it can lock in tight.



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                            ouch, i had the same problem. i think i got mine out with some pliers or i may have knocked a screw driver into the hole and turned it to get it out. you could also try an easy out drill bit or the cheaper equivalent. they need some of the old screw/bolt to grab onto so don't try and drill it out before you try the easy out. i learnt the hard way on another project :/ btw you can find replacement screw and the brass bolt easily online.


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                              From your further description, it sounds like your machine is an EM6900, not an EM6910. The group head seal change technique is different from that of the EM6910.

                              Can you check on your machine where your hot water and steam knobs are if there is a separate plastic rounded piece surrounding them which has a small, dark grey piece in it? Or if is just the metal cover with the steam/hot water knobs sticking out of it?

                              To remove the seal from an EM6900, the outer shower screen is notoriously hard to remove. Once it has been removed, you need a 12mm socket to remove the brass nut which releases the inner screen and then you can get the seal out.