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    That is quite impressive. If I needed to make more than say 4-6 cups back to back on a consistent basis, I would definitely consider a step up from the silvia.

    As it stands i make 2-4 a day. If I have guests I might make 4-6 back to back. That is quite rare though.

    Great Machine, 11 years and showing no signs of slowing down.


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      We have a Silvia at work and regularly do 5-6 doubles in a row, much like fatboy, we find the last ones to be some of the best. Though that may be more due to getting the dosing and tamping right by the end. It's the milk steaming that's a problem, and so we usually end up just heating the milk in the microwave and frothing with a plunger. Not ideal, but cuts down the waiting time. Overall, the Silvia is a fantastic machine for the price and built to last.