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  • Upgrading From EC Pro

    Hello everybody. I purchased my first espresso machine, the Jura Capresso EC Pro, in July and I ended up buying the K3 touch a month or two later. Overall I'm very pleased with the shots I can pull using the bottomless portafilter but I'm not very happy with the steam wand and how much pressure it puts out. It seems to die very quickly and it takes a hot minute to get the milk heated up. With that being said, could anyone recommend an upgrade? $800 would be the ideal range for me but I would consider going higher if the quality is worth it. Thanks for your time!

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    Hi WesleyD,

    Welcome to Coffee snobs! Despite being an owner of a Rancilio Silvia machine, I would recommend looking at a Lelit machine. I think the entry level one is about $800, but I would think about the one with a PID, which is around $1000. It seems like it would be what you are after and more. It's probably best if you could see one and test it out. Depending on where you are located you could drop in to one of the site sponsors that stocks them. Talk Coffee in Melbourne and Jet Black Espresso in Sydney definitely stock them. Good luck with the search!
    Cheers, Dave