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Looking for a relatively inexpensive yet easily repairable HX unit.

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  • Looking for a relatively inexpensive yet easily repairable HX unit.

    My old Gaggia Classic finally bit the dust after many years and I need a replacement.

    I live in Hawaii and do repair all of my own appliances. Shipping is murder to and from my island, so I'm looking for an espresso machine that is reliable, and has a good service manual or schematic, and plenty of spare parts available.

    I want the total cost of ownership over the life of the unit to be as low as possible while keeping some key requirements.

    We have 110v, no 220v. We have three drinkers who each drink 1-2 doubles as milk drinks/espressos per day. Because I'd like to be able to do one shot right after another but don't want to up the cost into the dual boiler regime, I am thinking an HX unit is the way to go.

    Beyond that, I don't have a lot of requirements. I'd like a pressure indicator, and if possible, a temperature indicator, but that's pretty much it. Of course it needs all the basics covered -- good pressure capability, and what not.

    I *could* spend up to $1500, but I'd much *rather* spend $300.


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    Hmmm, I was gonna say NS Oscar as they're available in the U.S. No gauges on them though. Maybe a Lelit? Or what about a Breville BES900? It's a dual boiler rather than a HX, but a great machine for home from all accounts. Plenty of info on here about them.


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      Breville BES900 doesn't spring to my mind when I think "easily repairable"

      Nothing beats a simple non-e61 HX machine for that portion of the requirement once you go beyond a boiler on group machine.
      I would look out for a Bezzera BZ99/Pasquani Livia although they don't have gauges - I'm not sure if there are many machines in your budget that will.