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EM7000 with BCG820 - under extracting

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  • EM7000 with BCG820 - under extracting

    Hi guys,

    I've came across threads about under extractions and have searched around CS and google, however, I still haven't found a solution.

    I was using some two types of beans before the problem came; and the beans were behaving as expecting - ie. reduce in ground fineness = slower pour. However, mum bought be some high quality beans, fresh as well, and I tried the same setting as the other brands of beans (supposedly a lower quality bean than these ones).

    The result was the pour was very fast, and noticeably sour. I tried adjusting the grind to the finest setting, overdosing, over over tamping; it didn't help much if at all. I am totally out of ideas as to why this is.

    I tried to check the grind fineness by physically grinding and comparing different size grinds, there was a very minute difference in the grind size, but noticeable; so I assume the grind is still correct.

    Any suggestions as to what could be happening and possible solutions?

    Thanks in advance,

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    How much are you dosing?


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      My EM7000 is paired with the Sunbeam grinder I got with my 6910 (now deceased), so it's not the best out there, but with fresh beans, it makes a good brew and does not seem as sensitive to bean changes as the 6910. But it is very sensitive to under dosing.

      Also, higher quality beans? How so? Any idea how old they are?

      If your 'ordinary' beans can make good coffee and these beans don't, you've got a problem with the new beans.