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EM6910 Steam Pump.

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  • EM6910 Steam Pump.

    Hello all,
    My EM6910 is not steaming, nozzle not blocked, i believe it is a failed pump going by others experiences.
    My question is:
    Is it normal for the steam pump to have a constant 240v at the terminals even when the steam tap/knob is not turned on.
    Pump is not functioning and no noise when turning steam tap on.

    Before i replace the pump i just wanted to make sure 240v at the pump terminals is normal all the time or do i have some other sort of problem?


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    Dear Logzy,
    Welcome,240 volts at the terminals of your little 20 watt steam pump would suggest you have a cooked solenoid (open circuit coil) and a faulty micro switch (located behind the steam knob.
    If you could follow some of the google lessons on disassemble,you could check it's operation (may have become jammed closed).
    The pump ,on the other hand,may be open circuit (dead coil),with a multimeter you could confirm whether the coil is open circuit (set on the ohm's position).
    Please be very wary of the 240 volts when fiddling inside these machines (good idea to keep one hand in your pocket,whilst wearing rubber soled shoes!) .
    Might be a new switch and a steam pump to fix your quandary.