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Silvia steam wand o-ring issue

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  • Silvia steam wand o-ring issue

    Hi guys,

    Hoping one of you has the answer to this. I just replaced the o-rings in my Silvia's steam wand assembly (3 in total) but after screwing it all back together I was still getting leakage from the inside of the stainless nut that screws in the actual steam wand. I unscrewed it and found that the new o-ring that I had put in was destroyed. I must admit that the first time I put it in I put it on the lower side of the steam wand shaft 'bulge' (about 1.5cm from the top of the wand) and screwed it up tight. I then realised that was wrong and then swapped it to the upper side of the steam wand shaft 'bulge' and screwed it up tight again. When producing steam it then leaked like no tomorrow so I unscrewed and found the o-ring was damaged.

    So, did I damage it by putting it below the bulge and tightening and is that why it's ruined now? I'm assuming that when fitted correctly above the bulge you can tighten the steam wand stainless nut up fully without damaging the o-ring?

    Thanks in advance you loyal Silvia owners!