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  • Sunbeam EM7000 Extraction

    Just upgraded to the EM7000 and have a question regarding extraction. Have been using Andy's Expresso WOW post 7 days roasting. Using the double basket, I can extract 2 x 30 ml in 30 sec, however in achieving this, the Expresso gauge needle only goes to high green. If I grind a bit finer the extraction needle sits in the middle of the orange indicating Optimum pour, however the 2 x 30 ml pour takes 45-50 sec, indicating what I have read on the Forum as too long a pour. Would appreciate any advice/suggestions.

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    Try adjusting the grind, I find a finer grind for the organic wow, I use around 25+or- one notch, from what I have been taught is extraction times are based on the grind, keep adjusting it till you get the grind that suits your extraction rates and also another thing to look at is tamping pressure,air temp plays a big part also, grind settings may need to be changed, I usualy change mine a few times through the day.but if its a cool day I dont need to.these are some things to consider.hope it helps.


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      Don't base your extraction off what the pressure gauge is telling you. It is a fully electronic gauge and does not reflect the correct pressure characteristics of the shot.

      If you enjoy the coffee that you are making, don't change your technique. If you want to improve your coffee, utilise visual and sensual measurements (rate of flow, colour, crema volume etc.) rather than what the machine tells you. Adjust your grind, dose and tamp to vary the extraction and see what results you can achieve.
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