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silvia wont steam or give hot water

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  • silvia wont steam or give hot water

    Yesterday I changed the group head seal on my rancilio silvia, it was badly in need of a change and I lay the machine down to remove the old seal. The next shot I produced was ok ,no leaks but when I try to steam I get no pressure(or little pressure)same with hot water, I can hear the pump ok but the water only pours out weakly.
    I cant think what the issue is,coincedence (meaning I have missed something) or is the seal to blame, pump ok boiler ok I am puzzled.
    cheers for any help. Just did a decent shot,hot water from kettle and im ok for coffee but my machine is crook any help appreciated.

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    Any chance you've dislodged a bit of scale which has settled in an unfortunate location when you returned the machine to the upright position (or perhaps when you had it on its side)?


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      Hope so Barry ,everything seems operational. Will investigate on weekend in fact when I steam it up light goes on boiler heats up light goes off---no steam out of wand but if I pour a empty shot steam comes out of group head. very strange.


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        Hello Brian,
        As Barry was hinting at,descaling would be most worthwhile at this point,next question is how recently have you successfully used a blind basket or similar to back flush your Rancilio?
        The fact you have successfully produced a shot of coffee suggests the above two tasks may get both your Silvia's steam pressure and water flowing again.


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          Good idea gonna back flush right now.I am seriously at a loss to understand how changing a group head seal can then cause new issues,although the old seal had gone hard ( to long between service I know). Its 10 years old and I use it every day had a few services ,a few seals changed and its never let me down . What a great product may have to buy another.