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  • Good stuff on a budget

    Hi all,

    looking at at getting into the swanky coffee scene (currently on pods and am sick of terrible coffee and contributing to landfill in a big way, plus, being ripped off) and have been looking here there and everywhere for what would be a good place to start.

    So, for the machine I'm pretty much sold on a Silvio. Seems a great entry point, good reputation and it's a good machine to be able to make "real" coffee on.nopen to suggestions but bear in mind, my budget is 500 and has to include a grinder.

    my coffee req's are about 2-4 a morning for myself and the mrs. Milk frothing not a must, we would be ok using one of the milk warmer things that we use with the pod machine. That and we use oat milk which I can't find much info about here! (Please feel free to point me in the direction of oat milk stuff!). The mrs has had barista work training before, but I'm a novice. Love getting carried away with things though and experimenting is right up my alley.

    grinder req's are basic, just want a goodish unit that'll do the job and not fall over all the time.

    mrs has put a MAXIMUM of 500 for the lot, I may have to get creative with the accounting but I'm seeing some cheap silvios around and I was wondering if a 100 buck (or close to) grinder is possible?

    sorry for the noob q's!


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    Where are you located?

    I've got a buddy that has 2x Silvias and 2x rocky grinders that he is willing to part ways with.

    We are in Melb.


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      Hi thanks for the reply!

      yep in Melbourne. I'm guessing that a rocky is out of my price range but I'm interested....

      keen for for the details! pm me?


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        I'll point him to this thread.


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          Hi Kopigeek

          Does your friend still have a Silvia for sale?




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            you can checked used stuff on e-bay