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EM6910 broken pressure gauge coupling

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  • EM6910 broken pressure gauge coupling

    Hi guys, I have had my EM6910 for about 6 years now and it has been very reliable. However recently I noticed that the pressure gauge was not responding and there was water leaking from around the group collar during a pour. I opened up the machine and upon investigation found that the coupling for the pressure gauge had snapped off and as such water was leaking from it. It is difficult to describe, so here are some pictures to illustrate:

    The first diagram shows the pipe for the pressure gauge I am referring to
    The second picture shows where the pipe is supposed to attach (circled in red)
    The final picture shows the pipe itself. Note the knob (circled in red) which has broken off from the attachment point above.

    So my question is, how do I fix this, or what options do I have?
    Welding would be the obvious solution, but I don't have the equipment or the skills to do this myself. I imagine having it fixed professionally would be costly, as further disassembly would be required.
    Could I plug up the outlet somehow to stop water from leaking during a pour? This would stop the pressure gauge from working ever again, but I would accept this compromise. What could I use to accomplish this that would withstand the pressure of each pour?

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my post, and any advice would be appreciated
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    That's pretty terminal for the machine unfortunately.
    This is usually what breaks when people attempt a collar replacement without unfastening the thermoblock entirely.

    This pipe also leads to the pressure relief valve. If you blocked it off, the coffee extraction would still be fine but you wouldn't be able to remove the group handle after the shot for quite a while otherwise it will explode coffee everywhere.

    Options are:

    1. Block hole and remember to not remove the group handle after the shot.

    2. Get a professional to braze the broken nipple back on (not sure how successful that would be).

    3. Replace the thermoblock.


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      Looks like I'll be looking for a new machine.
      Though as a last ditch effort, I might see if I can replace that section of pipe with some PVC tubing secured with a zip tie on each end. This seems to work in other parts of the machine


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        That will probably end badly. That line runs at brew pressure, ain't no way a cable tie will be strong enough.
        A new thermoblock isn't unreasonably expensive, you could consider a repair.


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          Unfortunately I think it is time to retire the machine. If anyone is interested in taking it for parts or DIY, I have a thread here:


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            Originally posted by Edsky View Post
            Unfortunately I think it is time to retire the machine. If anyone is interested in taking it for parts or DIY, I have a thread here:
            Hi Edsky

            Perth used to have three main repairers for SB warranty stuff. The one that no longer does it (bugger) repaired that one on my first 6910 as that was its first fault (long story, supposed to be a brand new one, look up for most of it). Gauge full of water, pipe at rear broken off at nipple. Took him about 20minutes... That is when I was told it had done about 5000 cups and had been dropped (which was why the thing leaked after a couple of days, the pipe broke plus a couple of other minor parts were bent). He then offered to sort the rest of it out and it gave no problems for nearly a year.

            The same repairer used to do all the repair work for all older machines, and had done since the '70's, so I guess he knew how to tackle it.

            Perhaps ring SB and see what they have to say?