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Isocmac Venus - Worth repairing?

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  • Isocmac Venus - Worth repairing?


    my 2013 ed Venus has started tripping the power at home. I've noticed a few vents under the warming tray have started to rust up so I took the top off to see what's happening. It appears that all the connections on top of the boiler are leaking when the pressure gets up to 14 bar. This is then converted to steam and I think it's then that the power is tripped.

    Keen to get a view on whether this machine is worth repairing as repair tech charges are pretty steep in Brisbane. NOTE: Not having a go at repair technicians, I just don't want to throw good money at bad if I'm better off getting a more reliable replacement.

    Pretty disappointing for a machine 2 years old that only gets used once a day on average.

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    Welcome along the coffee trip!
    Your machine is absolutely worth repairing and servicing,if it cost $2 or $2000, (in my humble opinion) .
    You have owned this machine for two years,have you undertaken any service or repair in that time?
    Forgive me for being blunt however,any machine ,no matter how simple or complicated to operate,must be regularly serviced either by
    yourself of anyone who knows what their about.
    Your coffee machine is merely "reaching out" to you,asking for attention! (just kidding,coffee machines don't talk...they shout out).
    Tripping is usually a indication that the fault/s may just be straight forward,check the net for local service people for a quote,I'm too far away to help out,I'm sure some local Coffeesnobs would be only too happy to assist with advice.
    If I were you,I'd look up your model information...who knows what easy to follow advice your could tap into.
    I enjoy tinkering with this type of equipment and the satisfaction of happy customers,good luck.