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Breville BES860 Water Pump (ulka) Failure

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  • Breville BES860 Water Pump (ulka) Failure

    So my brother used my coffee machine with no water in the tank.

    Next time I turned it on, there was no pumping noise. I turned power on and off, tried the cleaning cycle, disconnected power but still couldn't get the pumping noise.

    I can still hear clicking noises from the solenoids when trying to pull a shot, but the pump was not working. So I dismembered the machine, to find it has corrosive cancer in some spots.

    I checked the resistance across the thermo fuse on the pump, 0 resistance so still seems fine. However the pump has a very high resistance, which I assume means it has burnt out.

    I can buy a new pump and replace it, but does anyone know of any other potential causes, why the pump in the BES860 may not be turning on?

    Might be time just to buy a new machine.


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    I have never had an Ulka pump fail electrically. I would assume that the lack of water may cause damage to the seals internally. Is the pump dead or is there another failure mode possible with the machine? I've never owned a Breville, but does it have an electrical controller for the functions, or is it a simple machine with switches and thermostats?

    The additional thermal fuse (Klixon) is not required by the Ulka pump to operate. If the fuse just disables the current to the pump (inline), you could by bypass it for test purposes only! If not; if you are "Electrically Savvy" you could create a test lead and wire the pump directly to check if the pump still works. I would do this away from the machine with a switch.

    I stress that you should exercise extreme caution if you plan to run any of the tests above at your own risk.


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      Welcome to CS,your machine may be just needing priming,have you tried running both the brew and water streaming simultaneously....not sure it's possible with your machine.
      I have ,in the past,often reprimed ukla pumps with good success,using a basting plunger (rubber bulb thing).
      Locate inlet to pump,fit baster (full of water) to inlet hose.
      Activate brew function and simultaneously squeeze bulb to inject water,you should notice a different noise as the pump draws water,turn machine off and reconnect it's tank ( full of water).
      Turn on machine again,brew cycle again....done.
      See how that goes.
      Hello again,
      If all else fails,thank your lucky stars for allowing the wonderful coffee maker, your Breville provided you up to recently,now simply pile all the bits of your Breville into a suitable box and post off to me ,I'm happy to pay the postage to 3690,at your discretion!
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        Editing fail,thanks.


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          So I bought a new pump, and it was definitely the pump that was burnt out, open circuit short. Even the Stainless Steel shaft inside was a bit discoloured by the heat!

          Put everything back together and works like a charm.

          Did have a bit of trouble priming it, like you said Mike, had to put a bit of pressure on the suction side.