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rancilion sylvia bottomless portafilter double basket?

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  • rancilion sylvia bottomless portafilter double basket?

    greetings all

    about 3-4 years ago i bought rancilio silvia/sylvia naked/bottomless portafilter.
    it is superb device which i have been using ever since.

    I also have a Synesso ridgless double basket which i use for double expressos in the bottomless portafilter.

    The standard silvia double basket is a bit too small for my liking so i bought the synesso double basket a few years ago and not looked back.

    HOWEVER, the bottomless silvia portafilter comes with its own double (triple?) basket.
    It looks a lot bigger (deeper) than the synesso double basket. I used it once but with about 24 grams it ended up being a triple espresso, perhaps I did not dose correctly??

    So i am curious - is anyone using the naked portafilter double/triple basket and if so share your thoughts, tips, etc on dosing or anything else.


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    i did some experimenting this week and this basket appears to require at least 23 grams but more likely 24-25 grams to get proper dosing for the bottomless portafilter Rancilio Sylvia double basket. It closer to a triple espresso than a double..... A large caffeine kick follows.