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Breville BES860 leaking during extraction.

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  • Breville BES860 leaking during extraction.

    I have had my Bessie for about 5 years now and been very happy with it. It has now started leaking all over the bench when i extract causing an under extracted brew. I have searched around on the forums and followed a couple of you tube videos to check the hoses and filter inside. I then decided to plug it in partly disassembled, put the water housing on, ran a shot of water whilst i looked in the back to see where it was leaking from. It was soon apparent it was leaking from the right side of the solenoid valve assembly. I looked up this part and found a website in the US selling it for $88. The part number is BES870XL/02.14 . This is obviously for the 870XL, does anyone know if it is compatible with my 860? Also does anyone know where i can get this part in OZ?
    I have now found the part in Australia for $190.26. I'm thinking this is an expensive gamble as I am only assuming this will fix my issue. Any thoughts about how to proceed? One of my thoughts is to cut my losses and upgrade, possibly to a Silvia?
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    Can't see your picture, but I guess it could be the o-ring that needs a replacement.


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      Im not sure how to attach an image using the url?
      The orange o ring looks to be in good condition, it seems to be coming out of the right hand side metal bit under the black electrical box.


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        Just figured out how to do it:-)