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EM6910 continuous pumping

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  • EM6910 continuous pumping

    Hi all,

    My em6910 sounds like it starts pumping as soon as it is turned on although there is no water being pumped through when the sound starts. There are no leaks anywhere and no signs of electrical faults. Any ideas?


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    Alfredo, any background, was there any work done on the machine prior to this problem?


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      Once a pump is primed it should stay primed. Otherwise you have a leak. The ulka pumps prevent reverse flow by the way of an internal check valve (one way valve).

      The most common fault for a pump that always needs to be primed is a leak at the pump inlet. Usually a bad connector that is not tight enough. A bit like a holding water with you're finger on top of a straw; once you release your finger the water runs out. Possibly in your case towards the water reservoir.

      If your machine has been dry for a long tip, you may need to help the seals in the pump by getting water to help the seals seal. If you have an syringe with water that could help. Remember never run a dry pump for more than 30 sec. Wait 2 minutes before starting again.

      Best of luck. Remember that simple things can cause big problems. Just like fixing my car this weekend. Damn you o-ring.


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        This happened a while ago and I put the machine aside with intent to repair and just haven't got around to it. I was using the machine every day, I had the collar replaced about 3 months prior to the problem occurring. I should point out also that this occurred even when switched off. It only stopped when I switched it off at the wall. It would give a single pump every 1 - 1.5 secs.


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          Alfredo, I would guess that the triac that drives the pump is activating when you turn the machine on. I have experienced this on two occasions but only after I have been working on the machine. In my case I had got water on the printed circuit board (PCB) and this allowed enough electrical leakage to activate the triac. It was easily fixed by drying the board with a heat lamp, took less than 30 minutes. If you have not been working on the machine you may simply have a failed triac. There was a thread on this site some 3 years ago that had the triac part number.