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BES 860xl pressure issue

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  • BES 860xl pressure issue

    Hey people,

    I've been reading this forum for a while and got myself a 860xl from a second hand page for $60. The machine has sat for a while but was told that it was working fine. Classic story.

    Anyway I set the machine up and tried a brew and got no pressure on the gauge and a watery extraction. I adjusted the grinds finer and tried again this time the machine stalls and again no pressure but no extraction what so ever.

    I ran the cleaning cycle with the rubber blind(one with a hole) which gave me over extracted pressure once and the rest none at all. I blanked off the hole and checked again. I would get pressure but in the mid range.

    After a lot of flushes with white vinegar mix I tried again. I got one cup that extracted perfectly within mid range pressure. But then it went back to just stalling out with no pressure at all. A clean with a blocked filter and normal water produced no pressure. While with vinegar it went back to mid range.

    Its very intermittent and I'm not sure what else to check. When blocking the rubber blind or it stalls I have the tray out to see if there is discharge from the OPV(if it has one or that's where it discharges?) and there is nothing. When it stops the pressure phase it discharges into the tray.

    Any suggestions on what it might be.