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JURA ENA 1 Grinder problem

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  • JURA ENA 1 Grinder problem


    I have a 18 month's old Jura ENA 1 machine with grinder.

    I'm using this coffee maker about twice a day everyday.

    Last week, the grinder stopped working. It was turning, but no beans got grinded. I used to open my machine using an Oval key and was able to get to the grinder.

    I disasembled the grinder pice by piece (watching at youtube videos showing how) abd putted it back.

    The grinder works again, and is able to grind coffee beans. But, the consistency of the grind is not ok. The grind isn't fine and the coffee is really light, I can even see throught it. Even if I try to to adjust it, it doesn't change anything and the coffee grinds aren't fine enough to make a good expresso.

    Does that means that my grinder blades aren't fine enough to grind my coffee well ? Do you think I should change my grinder ? I'm a little bit disapointed to see that a 750$ machine is already broken after 18 months.

    Thank you.

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    You'll find there isn't many super automatic owners here. So may not get the answers you're after. I had a jura ena 5 for 3 months. Selling it and getting an em6910 with free grinder was the best decision I made. Seemed daunting at first, but would never go back


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      CSer TOK has a vast amount of experience with regard to various Jura models...

      Perhaps he will spot this query and attempt to help you out, or perhaps you could send him a PM and a pointer back to this thread...



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        Jura coffee machines have a 25 month warranty, why did you attempt to repair it yourself? If your attempts cannot be noticed and nothing was marked or damaged during disassembly and reassembly, I'd suggest contacting Jura with your problem and hopefully they take care of it. If they notice that you opened the machine then I'd say goodbye to your warranty I'm afraid.

        As to your problem if Jura can't help, most likely you have not set the grind adjustment collar correctly resulting in too big of a gap between the burrs thus a weak coffee.

        If you check on the adjustment ring (big ring with gear teeth around the outside) it should have some sort of marking in texta or some other indicator that corresponds with the adjustment dial. This generally is the absolute finest setting and you would set your adjustment knob to the finest point with these markings lined up.

        Alternatively, if you cant find any marking to set the grinder by, tighten the adjustment collar all the way down until the burrs touch and then back it off a few gears. Use this as the absolute finest setting and test it, see if it has improved. If it's too fine (i.e. no coffee flow or the machine displays an error like it has run out of coffee beans in the hopper) then back the adjustment collar off a few teeth and retry.


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          Yes, all well said. Note the problem with losing a new machine guarantee is that it wont just be voided in the area where you attempted your own service. It will void the TOTAL machine guarantee. So not something to be taken lightly.

          Regardless, grinder adjustment is as per noidle advice.