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EM6910 -Group Head Seal problem

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  • EM6910 -Group Head Seal problem


    I have just taken delivery of a second and Sunbeam 6910. Decided before using it I should give it a good clean and replace the group head seal on the advice of the previous owner. I also wanted to descale it.

    To cut to the chase. If I now try to remove the bottom screen as the book suggests the seal drops out as well. Do I need to tighten the screw more or poke the seal into place with a blunt object.

    I have tried to run the water through on manual but all I get is a couple of spits and much groaning from the machine.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    I used to have a EM6910 a few years back and from memory if you don't fit properly you'll have trouble screwing the shower screen back in. So it's either right or it's not.
    When you say you press the manual button and it groans and nothing happens, is this with the portafilter in place and loaded with coffee?
    If it is you may have to adjust your grind to a coarser setting.

    Or is it with nothing in place?
    If it is, go over how you assembled it and check again.
    Hope this helps.



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      The seal should slip into place easily with no persuasion necessary.
      You can either fit the seal in place first and then attach the shower screens onto it or fit the screens onto the ridges on the seal before fitting the whole lot onto the group head. If you fit the screens first you might have to wiggle it into place a bit.

      The screw only needs to be done up enough to hold everything in place and no more. If the tension of the screw starts deforming the surface of the shower screen then it's too tight.

      Ensure that the surface of the group head that the seal mates onto is perfectly clean. It may appear to be clean but if it's baked on coffee oils and grounds it is sometimes hard to tell until you start picking it out.

      Also, to solve your no water problem, open the steam and hot water taps at the same time until a normal flow of water and steam is achieved. When these machines sit for long periods they will often develop air in the pipes which can give problems like what you are describing.


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        Thanks guys - I will have another look at how I put it together tomorrow - I have had water through it before trying to replace the seal son I can only assume something is not seated correctly.

        Thans agai.