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    Hi guys im looking at starting into the coffe business shortly as a caffee owner operator. Before I do that I have decided to turn my passion for coffee into a realization by first getting a good system for my home to perfect my talent before unleashing on the unsuspecting public I was using a breville $150 dollar machine and blade grinder to practice but want to step it up.

    I am looking for advice on what machine I should get, I do not want to buy one of the mainstream brands - Breville, sunbeam etc. I can afford to pay up to 2.5k for a machine and grinder but would prefer to stay around the 1.5 k mark if I can this is where I need your help.

    I also don't want to wait 8-40 mins every morning to make a cup of Espresso so I think i need a thermo block? system I'm not sure.

    I live in South Australia and I am also looking for a good coffee roasting shop where I can go to get freshly roasted high quality beans.
    If you guys could help me out that would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading and have a amazing day!

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    Check out the sponsor section, Sponsors

    If you want somewhere local, you may want to check out Complete Cafe Services as I think they have some refurbished and demo machines. For local coffee beans, you may want to check out Red Berry Espresso, Patio Coffee, D'Angelo, The Coffee Barun, or even Scottbase (coffeesnob member) for some advice.

    Note, I have no vested interested in any of the above.



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      If you plan to open a cafe, I suggest a prosumer e61 based espresso machine. The e61 is used on commercial machines and will be exactly the same experience as the prosumer models.

      Within your budget of 2.5K with a grinder, are the heat exchanger e61s. Your grinder choices would include the Macap M2M and Compak K3 Push.

      Check out the Sponsor websites.


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        could I get a idea on where to purchase the e61 summer and the macap m2m from a good place in Aus? Kind regards


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          Originally posted by Davetaylor View Post
          could I get a idea on where to purchase the e61 summer and the macap m2m from a good place in Aus?
          Originally posted by sam678 View Post
          Check out the Sponsor websites.
          I've seen more than a few people fall by the wayside simply because they can't grasp the importance of investing in the coffee side of their

          café venture. Too often I come across the philosophy of " I can make great coffee by buying the best coffee and

          just pushing the right button on the 'a for auto' machine".

          The other one goes something like this...."I'll buy cheap equipment, hire cheap labour, buy cheap beans and make a fortune from making awesome coffee,

          because I'm passionate about it"

          You don't have to spend mega bucks and buy top shelf equipment that doesn't suit the rung of the ladder that you'll find yourself on

          but far too many people say they have a passion for coffee, want to serve great, if not the best coffee in town but then turnaround and buy

          junk 2nd hand equipment that is too old, poorly maintained, was never any good to start with (or all three), or they buy the

          cheapest possible new equipment without understanding why it's cheap and what its limitations are. This applies to both machines and grinders.

          Buy yourself some decent equipment. One of my better clients, who went the retro route with their coffee machine, had their original Faema e61 2 group set up

          on their kitchen bench for 6 months prior to opening so they could learn to use it properly and hit the ground running with a good understanding of how

          things work. They are now going gang busters and haven't even had their first birthday. They have the philosophy of; "if we concentrate on the coffee,

          the money will walk in the door again and again and then come back with it's friends and family".

          If you can't be bothered waiting "8-40 minutes every morning" it suggests that you will struggle to "bother" to invest in the time

          and patience required to get things right with your coffee.

          p.s. ..... put a timer on your machine power supply so it heats up before you get up.
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            "My passion for coffee" and "I also don't want to wait 8-40min every morning to make a cup of espresso" are not statements that really go together. But as Choki says you can use a timer so get your machine warming up before you get up each morning. Or what I do on mornings when I have limited time is get up and go straight to the kitchen to turn my machine on before I do anything else. I then go and get myself ready for the day and by the time I've done that my machine is ready to use.
            I would suggest that you go and do a weekend home barista course somewhere. Some of the site sponsors run them so check them out. It will be an easy way to be introduced to quality equipment and coffee and you can have a look at a machine for yourself while you're there.


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              Originally posted by Davetaylor View Post
              could I get a idea on where to purchase the e61 summer and the macap m2m from a good place in Aus? Kind regards
              Here's one.... August special: Vibiemme Domobar Junior & Compak K3 Push/Macap M2M | Talk Coffee


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                I don’t know anything about cafés in South Australia, however here in Sydney they are spreading like a plague. At Chatswood, near me, about 10 new ones have sprung up in the last year. This is good for me and other consumers as the availability of well-made coffee has improved but competition will cause some cafés to fail.

                Have you had any experience in running a business? One thing is being able to make great coffee. The other thing is to be able to run your café at a profit.

                I suggest that you do a coffee brewing course and get some experience working in an existing café before starting your own.

                Good luck.



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                  My new machine and thanks for all the advice guys!


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                    After reading alot of extensive help from you guys and from coffegeeks I have decided to go with a ECM TECHNIKA IV and a MAZZER super jolly-mini-lux

                    Thanks for the help! And I will take your advice on board ! Kind regards!


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                      Hey Dave

                      Wow. Nice :-)
                      This will be an excellent machine to learn on. Take the very good advice above from chokidog, Leroy & Barry
                      1. Learn on your own prosumer machine. Learn how to solve extraction problems, you can't have customers waiting while you try to work out whats wrong. Try different beans and blends and how different extract times, doses, tamps, grinds affect the taste and texture.
                      2. Do a basic barista course and a basic cupping course.
                      3. Get some cafe experience if you can. Have a look at how busy baristas are in cafes and how many staff they have.
                      Someone I know who setup their own cafe a few years ago spent $50k for setup - all that gear and decor adds up fast.
                      4. Then reconsider :-)
                      Have fun



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                        Damn this was a quick turn around from initial question to killer machine...

                        I'll keep a close eye on the marketplace.


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                          Tremendous. I'm guessing you at least doubled your preferred budget. Makes you much less of a candidate for upgraditis - a serious affliction for many 'snobs.

                          Originally posted by Davetaylor View Post
                          I can afford to pay up to 2.5k for a machine and grinder but would prefer to stay around the 1.5 k mark if I can this is where I need your help.


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                            Thanks for the comments guys im guessing i bought a good machine from the comments which is great to hear! I was wondering if you guys know or like Dibella coffee or RIO coffee? I have both at the moment and trying them out; ill be doing a barrista course on the 29th and will be looking at some work at a Caffè aswell

                            Kindest regards


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                              That's good to hear Dave. And yes its a nice setup you have. You will really like that machine and so will your friends when they see it and taste your shots. Have fun and learn lots on the Barista course and good luck with cafe work :-)