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Breville Barista Express $499

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  • Breville Barista Express $499

    Hi guys, just thought I'd let you know that if you are considering buying the barista express I got TGG to match the price to $499. So if your considering getting one that's the price you should aim for not the $650 currently advertised for Father's Day specials etc. FYI if you want to price match type "breville barista express target" in Google and go to the Target link. It's Australian. Just walk in and show the link like and enjoy. Although I do believe it says clearance so might be hit and miss for some department stores depending on their policies. Also the machine is great, all in one and easy to use, steam takes 15-20 secs before it's ready to go high pressure. We have the dual boiler at my work and it's on par minus the on demand frother and better portafiller IMO. Anyway perfect entry level machine and produces great coffee. Cheers.