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Breville 800 series not pumping, expensive repair?

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  • Breville 800 series not pumping, expensive repair?

    Hi this is my first post and no sure where to find the answer. My guess it is there somewhere but I can't seem to find it. If someone knows and is happy to provide a link that would be really cool. Basically my story starts like this. My machine popped the hose going to the percolator head. Water was pouring out from every direction except the through the filter head. I did a dodgy and stuck the hose back in and sealed it back in with urethane so the would stay in place as I couldn't get a part. It worked great for three coffees or so. Then yesterday I over filled the coffee and used the machine. It really struggled but instead of shutting it off I let it go to see if the water would push through but It never did. Now even without the coffee basket in place the water just travels down a pipe and into the tray. Now I should also mention that the machine most likely broke initially because I tried to fire it up while the water inside the entire machine was frozen.

    Guess what I would like to know is it worth spending 50 bucks on a quote or do I just bin it now and be done with it? I don't want to spend 200-300 bucks when I can get $1300 SH Seaco for $350 in perfect working order. I was an $800 machine when I bought it.

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    Originally posted by gubbo View Post
    the water inside the entire machine was frozen.
    An amusing opening to 'snobs
    Is this machine in your kitchen? House insulation is a good idea.
    I think a new machine is in order but the Saeco... well it's probably still overpriced. I don't know what an SH Saeco is but if it's a super-auto, and if in-the-cup is where it counts, please consider a manual machine instead.


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      I'm sorry to hear your troubles with your Breville machine,generally Breville machines give good and reliable service,occasionally there are lemons,your machine's behaviour description may potentially be due to a simple connector failure,irritating but no big a deal.
      You describe your repairs as only lasting three coffees however,parts are readily available,you're obviously prepared to work on the internals.
      Have a good internet search for parts diagrams and identify what's needed,source necessary bits and save yourself the repair/quote costs,I've been there too,swing into the repairs,you won't regret it,good fun and extremely satisfying.


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        Thanks for the replies. As far as getting it apart I am not sure I can fix it. I have no idea what the issue is which is causing the hot water to bypass the filter head and run down the tube inside the machine near the back. Basically all the water is running down and into the catch tray. It is heating the water as the water in the tray is getting hot. I electrocuted myself this eve trying to see what was going on when the cup button was pressed with the top cover off and me poking around inside. I guess if its a major repair I will either bin it or keep it as a $700 coffee grinder. After I fixed the tube it was working great, almost like new. Id probably go as high as $150 to get it fixed but my guess is it will be a lot over that.


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          Sounds to me like you most likely need to safely package it ,together with all accessories and consider sending it to 3690 (Victoria),should be about $30 'ish!
          I'm feeling up to the challenge ,getting zapped is not a good life's choice,hopefully that little starter may get you underway for a new flashy machine,what do you say? My offer to you is that I pay packing & postage and help you out,if you were more local I'd rush around and sort it out on site for you instead!
          Give some thought.