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  • Dodgy Kitchenaid Machine

    I have a Kitchenaid espresso machine which is basically a Gaggia Classic with two boilers. It has worked well and makes good coffee but now is giving me trouble. Whenever I pump water through the grouphead a loud chattering noise comes from the machine. At first I thought it was the pump so I replaced it with a new one but with no improvement. I was a bit reluctant to touch it with 240 volts running through it but later found that the chattering noise was coming from the 2 way valve on the steam boiler. Naturally whenever I disconnected a wire from the 2 way valve solenoid the noise stopped. Also I found that if I switched on the steam valve knob whilst pumping water through the grouped the noise would stop. Close the valve whilst pumping and the noise started again. Whenever I finished making coffee I would pump water into the steam boiler to ensure it was primed for next time I use it but quite often whilst frothing milk it would run out of steam and the boiler would be almost empty especially if it was the second coffee. It appeared as if the machine was sucking the war back out of the steam boiler whenever I pulled a shot. I replaced the 2 way valve and solenoid with a new one but still no improvement. I found that the steam boiler thermostat was not working and the steam boiler gauge appeared to be reading too high so i replaced the thermostat and it is holding a more stable temperature but still the loud noise persists whenever I pull a shot. I should also mention that this fault is intermittent, about one in ten times it works perfect with no loud noises. I cannot find anybody to talk to that knows anything about Kitchenaid machines. Can anybody out there make any suggestions or shine any light on my problem or know of anybody that knows anything about these machines.


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    My mum had one of these, it developed a similar fault which ultimately led to the machine being replaced