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Lelit, Silvia, Gaggia Classic ... am I missing any?

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  • Lelit, Silvia, Gaggia Classic ... am I missing any?

    Hi CS

    So I am looking to purchase my first and hopefully last machine (until upgraditis to a Giotto Rocket takes hold) to last me some years to come. I don’t want to spend much over $1000, I want a manual machine and I have a short list but I am open to thoughts, advice, recommendations of other machines based on your collective experiences. I am using an el cheapo Breville Bar Vista thermo at the moment which owes me nothing as it was free and recently I decided to upgrade. I had decided on the Lelit Anita until I obtained an Iberital De Recanvis doser (Cunill Tranquillo 2) for nothing and threw my decision up in the air. Not sure if this grinder is better than the lelit combi or if it is even worth keeping.( see my grinder post) I am still undecided on the Silvia. I was all but sold on the Lelit Anita but now I am questioning the need for a grinder. I switched and started looking at the Anna and maybe even the PID version as it is within my price range. I do like the look of the Lelit machines from what I have seen. I really don’t need a twin boiler or HX machine as it’s only me in the house that drinks coffee but with guests at most it’s 2 flat whites or lattes at a time. I would prefer new but if a great deal came up I would possibly consider 2nd hand. I'm Not a real fan of the look of the Gaggia classic. Have I missed any obvious single boiler in the $1000 region?

    Cheers Matt
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    Isomac Venus... Second hand brings the premium single boilers into the equation - the Perfetta, Piccolo and Zaffiro

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