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BES870 Portafilter issue

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  • BES870 Portafilter issue

    Have owned my BES870 for about 2 years and generally very happy with it. About 6 months ago it started having an annoying fault. If I brew a second cup immediately after 1st cup and don't hold the portafilter handle, it winds off the group head and explodes coffee everywhere. Never happens on the 1st cup or if I draw the 2nd cup 20 or 30 minutes later, so it seems moisture at the seal is part of the problem. Contacted Breville and they said take it to an authorized service agent, but that will mean a few days without coffee..... Anyone had/resolved this issue before?

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    I have had the same problem on my early BES900 dual boiler..

    It once shattered a glass coffee cup.

    I have to be prepared to grab it if it moves.

    The group was redesigned to prevent this on the later BES920.

    It helps if you take the shine off the lower edge of the group handle lugs by rubbing with emery paper.



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      Thanks Barry, not sure if that is a good idea before I check the warranty situation. If Breville will not sort the issue under warranty I may need to do what you have suggested though.