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Rancilio Silvia V3 - Whats it worth?

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  • Rancilio Silvia V3 - Whats it worth?

    Hi All,

    Around 2 years ago I purchased the V3 including the better quality tamper kit (x2 baskets, flush basket & cleaning powder). It's a great machine but but because of my schedule etc. it only ever makes around 2 cups per day over the weekend.
    Seems like a waste to have sitting there not being used and I am finding that when I'm on the go I tend to be using my Aeropress more.

    So given that it's in very good condition what sort of price could I expect?
    The unit is in as new condition, except for the group head has some small marks on the side, as for some reason I got into the habit of tamping then giving it a couple of taps with the tamper then then tamping again...
    Also I'm in country SA, so it would need to be posted.

    Thanks in advance...

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    any mods ? 400-550 pending on condition/mods/extras from what i've been scoping.... I'm currently learning up and preparing to buy a silvia.. just dont have money up front.

    have a look in the sold section...

    examples: (bargain)


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      Originally posted by leighaus View Post
      any mods ? 400-550 pending on condition/mods/extras
      Thanks for the reply. No mods, and just a couple of extras like mentioned.

      I'll have to get myself sorted and take some pics to post here.