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Upgrade from Gaggia Classic. Suggestions?

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  • Upgrade from Gaggia Classic. Suggestions?

    I've had a second hand Gaggia Classic for around 4 years now and I'm looking to upgrade.

    I'm after something that will allow me to make 2-4 coffees in a sitting, and once a week maybe around 6-8 coffees. The Gaggia would literally run out of steam after a few!

    I've had my eye on the Breville BES920. I've heard in the past to not go for the bigger "appliance" kind of companies though as they don't specialise in coffee machines like other companies. What do you think? I'm also assuming that it is a step up from the Gaggia, but I could be wrong.

    Looking to spend maybe around $1000... but pretty open to suggestions.

    What are people's thoughts for this kind of price range and do you think the Breville is the right way to go or should I look elsewhere?

    PS. I currently use a smartgrinder.
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    The Dual Boiler will be a massive step up from using a classic. I know from experience, its a lot more pleasant / easy to make milk coffee.
    Very stable and accurately controlled.
    Allows one to concentrate on grind / dose and distribution in the filter basket.
    This is the ultimate quick fix, duck down to superstore and purchase on interest free terms, take great care of it and you hopefully get 4 years or so out of it....

    Otherwise keep a look out for a well looked after second hand HX try and save a few more $$ to stretch the budget and purchase something that will generally keep going and going with good water, kept clean and regular service of perishable parts / lubrication.


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      Thanks Steve! Some great words.

      You reckon the Breville would only last 4 years? Why so short? It wouldn't last longer?


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        Originally posted by scottlavender View Post
        Thanks Steve! Some great words.

        You reckon the Breville would only last 4 years? Why so short? It wouldn't last longer?
        It is just a broad guess from what one reads and I have owned / seen the insides etc.
        You may get more or less, depends on how well its looked after.
        Can always get Brev to fix things after warranty runs out as well, whether or not its worth the $ is up to the owner.
        I think the BES900 thread has posts regarding this topic.


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          Originally posted by scottlavender View Post
          It wouldn't last longer?
          The Breville makes great coffee - far superior to any other appliance company product. As cool as it is with all its features it somehow feels to some like another appliance, like a blender or kettle, rather than a machine. They should last more than 4 years... some of that (a week here or there) may be on the technician's bench (possibly at Breville's expense). The Breville rocks, Breville provide decent aftercare support which is great, but it is not without risk. I don't want to be without my daily drug.
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            Thanks for the wisdom! I didn't quite understand your second sentence though. Are you saying it feels like an appliance or different to an appliance? And are you saying that's good or bad?


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              In that sense, bad. A very capable 'machine' but still a bit 'appliancy'. The Breville Dual Boiler is lots of bells and whistles - everyone likes cool gadgets! But... more electrics = more that 'could' go wrong.


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                How long will Breville Dual Boilers last? Who knows? I bought one of the first that were sold in Sydney just over four years ago and it is still going strong. Daily I make about 5 coffees and several times a year I make many more for friends.



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                  For something that is NOT an appliance and at around the sort of budget you have, there are often excellent buys to be had in the CS 4-Sale Section, such as this one for example...

                  These sorts of deals come up all the time and it is definitely worth watching out for....



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                    Hi Scott,

                    Definitely keep an eye on the CS 4-sale section. We also have ex-demo/second hand Italian made machines which we service and sell with warranty. At the moment there is an ex demo Lelit PL60 dual boiler and second hand Lelit PL60T dual boiler for sale:

                    Second Hand Coffee Machines