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Silvia trips the circuit breaker after backflushing cycle

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  • Silvia trips the circuit breaker after backflushing cycle

    Evening all,

    So this morning I was doing one of the regular backflushes of my Silvia and I noticed the solenoid sticking (no dumping of cleaning liquid). Then suddenly the electrics cuts out for the circuit, and looks like the fuse got tripped.

    After disconnecting the Silvia and resetting the CB I plugged it back in. I turned on the main power switch to the Silvia - all good. Then I turn on the brew switch, and the circuit trips again. I took the covers off, no apparent leaks or cable damage.

    So at this point I figure its likely to be either the pump or the solenoid that is at fault here, given its only when they are powered that the circuit blows. Is there an easy way to identify which it might be that needs replacing?

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    G'day "jibos"...

    Sure sounds like the 3-Way Solenoid Valve is cactus mate. Both this and the Pump are energised when you hit the Brew Switch and it's more likely to be the Valve (Coil) rather than the Pump, by virtue of the construction of the Valve as a unit.

    A replacement Coil is not expensive and Coffee Parts will probably have them. Here's a link to the relevant page on their website...
    Silvia group head - Rancilio | Coffee Parts
    You just need to identify the Brand of Valve fitted to your Silvia and select one of the 220V Coils to suit...



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      Cheers Mal,

      I went to start isolating the problem this morning, and low and behold no more trips. The solenoid still seems to be sticking somewhat though so I think your right and I'll look to swap the coil out.

      Interestingly the sticking solenoid seems to be when its under more pressure (i.e. using the blind filter with a good seal). If I release the pressure by loosening the portability a little then the solenoid kicks in.

      Here's to nice cheap repairs!


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        Only thing mate, because it is occasionally tripping the RCD Breaker (probably not an overload situation), that means that a leakage path to Earth is in existence and will one day fail completely, and your Silvia will be permanently out of action until you (or a Technician) fix(es) it.....

        At least you know where to get the spares from now...