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Gaggia Classic Portfilter single basket jumps out

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  • Gaggia Classic Portfilter single basket jumps out

    Just got a second hand Gaggia Classic. I replaced the group head seal and the portfilter spring but for some reason it's hard to get the portafilter into the group head and turn. it's very snug in the group head. after finishing a shot when I turn the portafilter back to take it out the filter basket will either stay in the group head or pop-out leaving the wet coffee grind in the group head.
    any suggestions?

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    your troublesome basket.

    Welcome along,I have many Gaggia machines and each have their own character traits however,all my espresso machines (not just Gaggia) ,once brewing is complete, leave a nice firm /compacted "puck".
    Perhaps your grinder may need a little adjusting to finer (if using freshly ground) alternatively more pressure with your tamping to achieve a dryer /compacted waste.Is your brew resulting in a nice thick cremer result?
    Regarding your popping group basket.....have you tried the same method while using the double basket and does the same outcome occur?
    If so perhaps just remove the new spring and give the machined groove a thorough clean (including the underside of your troublesome basket.
    Good luck,
    (Check your dose,are you getting an imprint of the shower screen screw on the surface of your used coffee compact?)
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      I think you're dosing too much. If you lock in the PF and then remove it without pulling the shot, is the showerscreen and screw leaving an imprint on the top of the coffee?

      Try a slightly finer grind as Mick suggested, plus a lower dose. I doubt tamping harder with the current grind and dose will do much