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New Rancilio Silvia help confirming...

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  • New Rancilio Silvia help confirming...

    I just picked up the Rancilio Silvia. I asked the store if this was a v4, they said it was but I would like to confirm this for myself.

    Can someone also please confirm what material the boiler is made of on this unit.


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    Safety test report says it was made on Oct 16, 2014


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      I understand the v4 first arrived in late 2013


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        I shudder to think what type of store supplied the unit of all this type of relevant info has not been given to you.

        Brass material for the boiler.... Said info sourced from a site Sponsor's site.


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          The boiler on the Silvia's (1-4) have always been made of brass, the change with the V4 is that the element is a screw in part of the boiler that can be replaced relatively easily (and cost efectively) if you happen to burn it out or have a failure.

          Previously it was essentially part of the boiler (connected & not replaceable) therefore it was a much more complex and costly replacement. :-)


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            Thanks for the info.
            The store was pretty helpful, but when I would ask about the boiler it the version, the sales person had to go and check with someone else. It started to make me feel like she may have just been telling me what I wanted to hear just to get the sale.
            I'm very happy with the machine and grinder thus far. Nailed a near perfect shot on the second attempt.