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Worth replacing the group head? 6910

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  • Worth replacing the group head? 6910

    Hey guys,

    Been using my Sunbeam 6910 for many years now and has been a good work horse. Over the last few months it has been leaking out and around the group head. Replacing the seal didn't help, the group head when locked in place rotates far right and then tends to slip to the left when the coffee is being extracted. I'm guessing that means the collar is needing replacing? I'm a huge newbie and don't know much about it.

    Trying to find out whether it's worth going through the effort of replacing the collar or save up for a new machine? Have people had success with replacing the collar to get a bit more longevity from their machines?

    If it doesn't work I may be back for some recommendations on a new machine....

    Cheers guys!

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    Yes i think it is worth doing. A service centre should charge around $100-120 for the job but you can do it yourself if you're handy, there's a guide online for how to do it.

    You could also add some spacers under the group seal to tighten it up, it should last maybe another year, possibly longer.
    To make the spacers, trace the seal outline onto some card and cut it out. Trim as required and add as many as are required to stop the leaks.


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      excellent. Thanks for the quick reply! Might head down to a service center today.


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        Hi Stippo. Let me know how you get on. Same prob with me. Are you in Melb?


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          Originally posted by aussieflicker View Post
          Hi Stippo. Let me know how you get on. Same prob with me. Are you in Melb?
          Hey aussieflicker, I'm in Adelaide. I dropped it in to have the collar replaced yesterday. Should have it back by the end of the week. having to resort to french press in the mornings! I'll let you know how it turns out! Really hoping it fixes the problem as i love the machine! Creature of habit and having to get a new machine and learn all it's quirks will be frustrating!



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            All good? How much did they sting you for?