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  • Back flushing rancilio

    Hi, new on coffee snobs and also have a new rancilio Silvia. Did a few back flushes I think less than 10 sec each with a back flush insert. I didn't use any cleaner since I didn't have the Cafiza cleaner yet. Later I saw this video saying not to do it without the cleaner. Can this hurt the machine ? Also what is the right amount of time..... 5 sec... 10 sec? Are these item critical since I've seen some conflicting videos.


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    To me, buckflushing is more about releasing the built up pressure than a specific time to let it go for.
    Once the needle on the gauge has increased over a certain point, flick the lever down and you get a satisfying 'sploosh' through the return and all should be fine.
    That's really all there should be to it. Unless it takes ages to get the pressure up, I don't think time is a factor.


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      And you don't need to use backflush powder every time. Backflushing after almost every session should be part of the ritual and, given the need to 'season' a machine after a chemical backflush, well... God that would be tedious.


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        Silvia doesn’t have a gauge (unless modified). You’ll hear change in pump sound when it reach max pressure. Don’t stress pump for too long, couple of seconds should be enough. Then you can turn brew switch off (there’s no lever in Silvia) and see water splashing out of the 3 way valve into drip tray. That’s it.


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          Welcome to Coffeesnobs Mannycat.

          Originally posted by Mannycat View Post
          since I didn't have the Cafiza cleaner yet.
          Mostly in Australia (and now in the USA, UK, EU, NZ, Asia) people are using the range of Cafetto cleaners.

          Their Ego is organic certified and works really well.
          CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay - Other Stuff - Cafetto Evo 125g - Small Jar

          ...and yeah, as above... you don't need to use a cleaner every time but you will eventually get to know your machine and see when a water flush isn't enough... ie: half the volume of water releasing means you have a layer on the pipes that only a cleaner will move.


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            The over pressure relief valve will compress its spring after about 5 seconds and crack the seal.

            Water will flow through this valve and return to the reservoir (that's what the other silicone tube is).

            I flush my Silvia with Caffeto once a week: 6, 5-8 second flushes; then 6 water flushes 5-8 seconds.


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              I can't remember why I wrote that part about the OPV (must be time for a coffee).


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                Oh, if you think the pressure will keep ramping up and eventually damage something (it won't).