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Amazing Ascaso Dream and the miracle of some Pre infusion

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  • Amazing Ascaso Dream and the miracle of some Pre infusion

    I thought I'd reached the limits of my Ascaso Dream, but was surprised to find things could get much better.

    I have overheard some positive and not so positive reviews about the Ascaso Dream. As a long time owner, I want to put some more positive words out there!

    I'll open by saying the machine just produced a shot that to my palette was unctuous, full of flavour and had loads of amazing body.

    It's probably only taken 6 years to work out how to do it, but that is not the machine's fault. Those kind of shots were always in it.

    You see, I've read a lot about the need for a shower screen upgrade, and I've done this. It probably helped however as the attachment deteriorated, getting some chucks taken out of it through use, it wound up leaking.

    I've gone back to the standard set up, and as long as I dose the single basket right up to the top (like it says to in the manual) and use a slightly nutating tamp, I get great tasting shots with a lovely compact puck.

    Though there was more to come. Thank god.

    The other big change I made after seeing some info re a pre infusion simulation. That is, switch on for 3 secs, turn off for 5, then pour.

    Like I said, I thought I'd reached the Ascaso's limits, but after I did this, I got something that came close to what I liked about an amazing synesso shot I'd had that day.

    ...blew me away.

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    Welcome mate...

    These machines are probably in a league somewhat below that of a basic Lelit machine and probably more directly comparable with a Sunbeam 6910 (apart from looks of course), but by comparison, are way overpriced. Aside from that, there's no reason why a home barista shouldn't be able to pull consistently decent shots provided high quality freshly roasted coffee is used and ground (with a decent grinder) immediately before pulling the shot, and good technique is applied.

    Also, machines with 3-Way Valves and lacking any other electro-mechanical apparatus, can not pre-infuse the coffee in the manner you describe, or any other way for that matter. It just isn't physically possible unless you've applied significant mechanical and electrical mod's to the basic machine. If you think it's improving things for you, then more power to you. Far better outcomes will be realised on a more consistent basis though, if you ensure attention is paid to the above three items highlighted...

    All the best,


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      Thanks for the post Mal. I agree with you of course. I guess I was assuming knowledge/practice of the foundational stuf as a given. People should prob read about that elsewhere if they don't know what I'm talking about.

      Re the 3 way valve, my version of the Dream didn't come with a 3 way, so that's why this method worked...

      happy drinking.


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        Interesting. Have you made some modifications to your machine?


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          Originally posted by LeroyC View Post
          Interesting. Have you made some modifications to your machine?
          i don't have the technical ability to drastically mod a machine . Like I said, I'm now running it as it came from the factory. I did the shower screen mod but the components I bought from I'm guessing an after market manufacturer failed on me eventualy.

          I should mention I temp surf to get the heat right