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    Dear Coffee enjoyers,
    I now have this little beauty,goes by the model "Beach"by Nuova Simonelli,seems to be a manual actuated water level,front lever operated.
    I'm presently sorting it out electrically (operation/safety) and I understand ,from previous owner that it was working fine however,the steaming wand was leaking and also they said it was "shorting out" too!
    I've removed the rotary pump ,after noticing it was seized! (may account for the shorting out)That is fine now and works like a new one,imagine a rotary pump in such a small espresso machine,amazing.
    If anyone has experience with this or similar model,I'd be most appreciative finding out more,please.
    ps, Please excuse some shaky photos.
    Click image for larger version

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    This may be of some use:

    Java "Gotta love new toys!" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Thanks for those,trying to get operational to work this thing,should be easy to work,just interested in the operational characteristics.
      I've looked carefully however,all I've been able to find is the parts list.
      Appreciated anyway,


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        Hello again,
        Well today ,or at least this evening,I've been playing about with this little gem and managed to get a better shot then my la Cimbali basic,most surprised I was too!
        The internal system is basic to the point of pure electro mechanical,not much will go on the blink unless a lightning strike,both tough as nails and purposely designed as a espresso coffee maker for the holiday home where minimum maintenance should occur!
        I don't really subscribe to that ,any and every electrical appliance should have some occasional check and adjust together with thorough clean and back flush (three way solenoid fitted).
        Most people recommend chemical cleaning,I prefer using rain water which leaves me with the grind residue to contend with,back flushing seems to keep that controlled for me together with a clearing of shower screen(s) as appropriate.
        The water inlet system with this "Beach" is mains pressure only,no consideration for tank/bucket fed unless a positive pressure of some type is provided.
        Minimalistic is the word here,with a very small footprint too,350(w) x 350(d)x380(h).
        I will look further into the operation and performance over the next week or so and see how it goes,seems like it's a little beauty though,so far!
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          Hello again,
          I've spoken with Ben at Nuova Simonelli (USA) and he confirmed some detail for this model however,oddly he could only supply the parts pdf,said the operational instructions weren't available,I will contact NS in Italy and hopefully they may have it.
          Well this little espresso machine is great,works so well although there is a catch! As we (the coffee machine consumer) have become so used to "fail safe" appliances ,watch out with this one as there is no auto fill provision,burning out (over heating) of the boiler element is potentially very possible!
          The water level indicator is very clearly visible,and with good reason.The fill lever is just there on the front ready to open and return water level to within the red lines.
          The steamer proves to be as powerful as my commercial machine steamer,amazingly so,steaming a litre of milk in thirty seconds.
          More information to follow.
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            Hello again,
            Well,this machine gets better and better by the day.
            I've been scratching my head wondering how to get this little beauty to operate from tank water,even went as far as fitting a one way pressure pump (hand operated) inline ,between the tank outlet and inline check valve.Pumping away provided pressure sufficient to refill boiler and allow hot water outlet to work correctly,today I identified another easier option.
            I noticed if while operating the brewing cycle ,I can also simultaneously activate the boiler to fill or the hot water delivery wand would work under pressure from the rotary pump activation.
            This is all I needed to know,now I have a wonderfully compact and efficient commercial level espresso coffee machine that will happily draw it's water supply from anywhere it chooses,great.
            The major draw back (as I see it)is the lack of boiler auto fill,I must always monitor boiler water level closely ,potential for boiler element failure there.
            Thinking about the operation of this machine,as it is.......not really such a big issue at all! The thing just works so well and other then the above grumble,I love it.
            The anti-vac valve is just a little dodgy,sticks occasionally and upon activation of steaming valve.....whoosh....nothing,reheating again is necessary however,quickly recovers again and anti-vac works correctly,solution is to remove and disassemble,clean and return fully operational (tomorrow's job).
            I'll intensify my testing this weekend,new grand daughter has just been hatched.....wonderful times ahead for us now.


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              Sounds like a great pick up Mick. Nice work.


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                Greetings from the US -

                I just got through refurbishing a semi-auto version, and could find very little about it. Other than the folks here, there was one on the German forum site, and all are auto versions. The only reference I found regarding the semi-auto was what looked like a magazine ad or promo shot. I did find the parts manuals, but they were just for the auto.

                I contacted the parts dept. at NS USA and all the fellow would say was "nice machine, no parts". An email to NS Italy went unanswered. If anyone has any idea how to find more on these, I'm keen to know. My machine has no onboard pump and the boiler is like a modified version of the one in the Elli, spun copper instead of cast. There is a thread on H-B documenting the rebuild. For parts, try Elektro's in Italy.

                Cheers, and Thanks


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                  Welcome to CS ,Australia,thank you for that information.Sounds like you have the Elli according to java's provided pdf,as mentioned above I too contacted NS in the US and Ben assured me nothing was available in the form of manuals etc!!!
                  All these companies seem to want to support is new machines and new equipment buying customers,what ever happened to supporting older and proven equipment users?Nothing like discovering all the little tricks and niceties of high quality coffee gear for oneself ...just a bit slower then researching printed documentation.
                  Cheer's ,


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                    Hi Mick -

                    It is a Semi Auto Beach, but bears little resemblance internally to the Auto. Almost looks like a prototype where they stuck Elli internals in the Beach box.

                    Rebuild thread is here, and includes the info and pics I've been able to find so far. Nuova Simonelli Beach - Headscratcher, Help Requested -

                    Thanks for the welcome.



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                      Hello David,
                      You are a absolute champion,this is what forums are all about.....networking,inter actions,just plain helping one another out,just great.
                      Thank you.
                      Kind regards,


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                        Thanks Mick, my feeling as well. It was the help of forums like this that got me started down this slippery slope and try and give back the best I can.

                        After the holidays I'm going to get serious about trying to track down someone who knows about the machine I have, could be the last man standing. So far have only seen autos in the wild, and only three at that.