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Removing lower burr on BES860

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  • Removing lower burr on BES860

    Hey there, im attempting to unclog my grinder a bit and am trying to remove the bottom burr on my machine.. has anyone done this before and know how it is released, as it is lacking the top screw-nut as on the BES870.

    or if anyone has further ideas to make the grinder more free flowing that will be much appreciated.. so far I have just given the machine a basic clean and vacuum and has it filled with rice overnight to try and absorb moisutre/oil (not sure if this actually did anything)


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    You can't remove this burr on the 860. It is mounted directly to the shaft from the gearbox.

    If you need to adjust the grinder to grind finer, set the outer white cog a few gears tighter than the previous finest adjustment was set. You will need to remove the small white adjustment gear for this. Make note of the original setting so you know where to position the small adjustment gear upon reassembly.

    This should give you a finer grind more suitable for espresso.

    Many of the BES860's had grinders that could not grind fine enough and this is the solution for that.


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      I did have a BES860 and along with aussiebuddha (jolt) back in 2010 we worked out how to remove the machines lid and adjust the cogs.

      Take a look at:




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        thanks guys, yip ive seen how to adjust the cogs and have been inside the machine. I just bought the machine second hand this week and the grinds were getting clogged up in on the bottom burr and possibly the fan. I was able to clean it out but I see there is a bit of buildup underneath the burr.. i gave it a clean as best i could and its starting to flow some grinds which is great, but at a very slow rate.. ideally wanted to remove the bottom burr but if this isnt possible i guess ill have to find another solution. i guess maybe a can of compressed air directly blown under the burr.

        Thanks Barry, I have read the first thread already.. will check out the second one now


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          ..interesting exploded pic of machine


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            Bugger, so after 2 coffees it has clogged up again. I will open it up and show you a picture of it clogged next time I have it open. I'm assuming the grinds are clogging again in the channels of the bottom burr. If anyone has any ideas of how to prevent this, let me know! Or any ideas to degrease underneath the bottom burr. Cheers!


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              having a read of other topics - im going to have a go at grinding some uncooked rice

     was an interesting read


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       can see how the grinds are getting stuck in the burrs...

                i found while grinding rice, the rice would flow right though, very fine, no issues. so i figure the clogging is due to the beans being too oily? the beans i was trying were cheap beans... i tried some higher quality (although 6 months old) beans and it flows, although very slowly. i noticed under the hood some of the teeth of the cogs were marked with a sharpie, indicating the grind could have been adjusted by previous owner