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EM6910 group head leaking during pour and pour is fast

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  • EM6910 group head leaking during pour and pour is fast

    Hey guys

    I am having issues with leaking during the pour also it is quite thin.

    The machine has recently been serviced so the problem is with the tradesman and not the tools.

    I have a beville smart grinder set to 8 for grind size.

    Once tamped there is a small gap between the coffee and the top.

    I am wondering if there are any trouble shooting tips.

    It leaks out the back of the group head.

    How hard am I meant to lock the group head into the machine.

    Any tips to try appreciated.

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    What was performed in the service? Possibly the technician has not done some screws up tight enough or damaged something else.

    Can you just confirm that the water is leaking from between the group handle and the seal?
    Sometimes when the collar is replaced (i'm assuming this is what the service was for) without the correct procedure being followed, lifting up the thermoblock to remove the collar can crack the brass nipple on the thermoblock which will cause a large water leak which can drip down the front of the machine.

    If the handle is tight (i.e. you turn it without holding on to the machine and the whole machine moves) and it still leaks then there is a problem.

    If you need to wiggle the group handle to get it into the group head then you have overdosed and need to remove some coffee.
    After extraction, there may be a faint imprint of the shower screen on the puck. This is about as high as you can fill the basket, any more and there can be leaks.


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      Thanks the leak is from the back of the group head. So I assume at the top of the group head where it meets the deal.

      I dont need to wiggle at all to get it in. I actually think I may not be dosing enough I think the gap is somethimes more like 5mm not 3mm.

      The service was actually more to do with the steam wand which wasnt working at all. I don't think the seal was touched. I am waiting for it to cool down so I can get a look at the seal.