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New Group Seal Installed in Em6910, Locking in at 7o'clock

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  • New Group Seal Installed in Em6910, Locking in at 7o'clock

    I installed a new group seal today on my em6910, it is locking a few centimetres after inserting the portafilter, it locks at 7o'clock even with some decent force.

    I noticed when I backflush the portafilter slides to the left, is this expected i.e. take some time for the seal to settle in ? any tips ?

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    Interesting, with a new group seal I still have a small gasket under the seal, and it locks in at 6.00pm.

    mine is an old machine, round button on the drip tray.
    I have seen a new unit with the handle locked in at about 4.00pm


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      This is without loading it with coffee ?

      Did you clean out the grove it sits in prior to installation. ?

      Had a mate with the pf trying to undo as well ,,,, he was overdosing a bit too much


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        This is without coffee, really weird, I stopped using machine, I think i gonna replace with old seal for next use before i make as stress and damage to the collar


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          The seal was these from ebay, perhaps its a non original sunbeam one maybe the culprit, i just ordered Sunbeam original one now, i will wait for one to arrive and see how it goes, if thats the case, lesson learnt not to buy cheaper non original parts.

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            Sunbeam Seal arrived and fitted, it is locking at 6 o'clock, such a difference to use original parts.


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              Thank you for the update.