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  • Ecm Giotto help

    Hey all, I became the very proud owner of a ecm giotto a few weeks back. Got it in excellent condition, new seals, control board etc.
    Upgraded from an em6910 which served me quite well with many fantastic shots.
    I've got it partnered with a k3 touch and I'm having a few issues. I've noticed a lot of grinds in the bottom of the cup with the giotto. Tried grinding coarser, finer and nothing is really helping. Group head is clean and I'm making sure no loose grounds are on the portafilter.
    Thought my grinder might be grinding inconsistently so I gave it a clean too. No difference. At a loss what to try next?

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    One other thing. Using standard baskets that are in good condition(no cracks). Same problem from single or double basket.
    Was considering getting a 18g vst ridgeless to see if the smaller holes would help?