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Silvia v1.5 plus PID. Wow!

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  • Silvia v1.5 plus PID. Wow!

    My little coffee club's Rocket premium (hybrid plus) sprung a leak and had to go to 'hospital'.
    Instead of cancelling I out my 10year old Silvia (adjustable brew pressure version) to make 10 coffees. Well about half way through I ran out of water in the reservoir (I sort of forgot that the recharging the boiler takes extra water). Fortunately the PID was registering impossible temperatures so all turned off and found the reservoir empty. Well that was filled and a goodly quantity of steam came out and I was back on the coffee making again! I don't think the coils were damaged.
    The coffee was being ground with a new M4D and I was using the 13gm Rancillio baskets .... Eventually I was able to sit down and have my flat white .... It was one of the best tasting coffees I have ever made. The group agreed.
    Just a little story in praise of Silvia.

    Edit PS: FWIW the only way I could make so many coffees in a reasonable time was to extract 8 double shots in advance then steam on demand, the another few doubles using the same pattern. It actually works very well and was reasonably fast.